10 Apr

Sprach-D-A-CH playfully learning German

We managed to double our students in the second semester. Due to the high amount of registrations, we’re happy to announce that we now have 4 groups! Additional to the known mice and elephants we now welcome the zebras and tigerducks as well.

The elephants are kids between 2 and 4 years old who are playing age-accordingly under the supervision of a German speaking  educator. Parents may stay with their children during the lession.

Kids older than 4 join the group tigerducks or mice. In this groups the German speaking educator will improve the language skills of the kids by reading to (and with) the kids, doing arts and crafts, making music, telling them stories and by playing. This happens in the absence of the parents. We do ask one or two of the parents to stay close to help the educator during recess supervision.

The zebras – zählen (count) erleben (experience) basteln (crafts) rätseln (riddle) aber vor allem (but especially): schreiben (writing) – can already write and practice German, learn the grammar and spelling of German. For this group we’ll ask for voluntary recess supervision from the parents as well.