About us

Sprach(e) means language and D-A-CH stands for D = Deutschland (Germany) + A = Austria + CH = Confoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland)

Sprach-D-A-CH strives to improve the knowledge of the German language to (partially) German speaking children.

In The Hague and surrounding there are numerous families with a mixed language background with one German speaking parent. Many of these parents send their children to Dutch schools. There are also German parents whose children make use of the standard Dutch school system. From our own experience we know that those parents try to raise their children with German as the second language. Depending on the discipline of the parents and the level of German knowledge of the non-German speaking parent they succeed more often than not.

Many parents also feel the need to improve and perfect the German language skills of their children; therefore they are looking for a German environment other than German speaking friends and family.

Sprach-D-A-CH offers these parents/ children courses in the German language. Children can learn here in an informal and playful way with the guidance of professional German teachers through German speaking and singing.  Children can be taught from all levels of knowledge.

While allowing children to learn in a playful way we also want to expand their vocabulary. We therefore also read them books (and teach them to read), improving their linguistic skills and teaching them about the culture of the D-A-CH countries. For example, what are our Christmas traditions? Or what can we do in the mountains?

We also welcome children of other countries where German is either a regional or the primary language, for example Luxemburg, Italy (South Tirol), Belgium and Denmark.

From 2 years of age children can learn the German language by singing, playing and listening to German stories.

Sprach-D-A-CH courses take place every second Saturday in the rooms of the school “Vrije Ruimte“ on the Stadhouderslaan in The Hague.

Sprach-D-A-CH is an initiative of the Austrian Embassy, but welcomes all German speaking children.

Daria Bouwman,
Martina Eicher,
Pia van der Feltz,
Andreas Rindt